Websites very often contain buttons, as call to actions or more generically. By default in the Boilerplate project buttons are created as a link in a paragraph by itself.

Bold and Italic (<strong> and <em>) and possibly combinations thereof are used to specify certain types of buttons. There are often primary and secondary buttons and the default styling is usually defined for default content and/or specified by a containing block, and Bold and Italic can be used to specify alternative variations of buttons.


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Content Structure:

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As Buttons are considered Default Content they are styled in project or block CSS code.

There is Javascript code for decoration purposes that is included in the default boilerplate behavior and it usually remains unchanged.

Decoration Code

The CSS Styling is very project specific and gets adjusted as needed for a project or block by block.

Styling Code

All the code above is part of the Boilerplate project and does not need to be copied.