Footer (Block)


The footer block is loaded by default in the boilerplate project into the <footer> element.
Out-of-the-box it provides a simple example for a footer but is likely to be extended or adjusted on the per project basis.

The footer block is usually not referenced by authors but is loaded automatically on every page.

The content for the footer is loaded as a fragment and is by default authored in a footer (or footer.docx) document.
As footer structure and designs change rarely and are usually visually very different from the rest of the blocks on a site, it is often a good strategy to divide the content into sections and decorate specific classes onto the sections based on their sequence and apply CSS styling to those classes.

The footer document has its own lifecycle and when previewed or published applies to all pages that use a given navigation.

It is not uncommon to have multiple footer documents for a site eg. one per locale / language.


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Content Structure:

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This code is included in Boilerplate, there is no need to copy it.

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