Most if not all websites have icons, therefore there is a simple way to reference icons for authors.

Icons are referenced as :<iconname>: notation. As there are different ways to implement icons in the browser either as plain css classes, icon fonts or SVG, we offer a non-intrusive way to support all of those.

The boilerplate project includes an automatic mechanism to insert SVGs into the icon `<span>`s as that’s the most common way to deal with icons.

While some icons need to be in the code (icons referenced in blocks for example), there are times when authors need to add and reference new icons and update them on an ongoing basis. These icons can and should live with the content under an /icons/ folder in the content source (eg. Sharepoint or Google Drive). These icons can also be referenced the exact same way using the :<iconname>: notation. This will allow marketers to add and update icons they need for content without any dependency on a code change.


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Content Structure:

The :<iconname>: can be inserted as a part of all Default Content constructs.

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Icons are Default Content and are styled in project specific CSS code. If there is any JavaScript that is required to load the SVGs it can be adapted as needed.
This code is included in Boilerplate, there is no need to copy it.

See SVG loading Code