Delivering content in China requires following the relevant laws and regulations in China. The FAQ is not intended as legal or regulatory advice of the law and regulation. We encourage you to seek independent legal advice on your legal and regulatory obligations on your operations in China.

Can I serve visitors in China with Edge Delivery Services?

Edge Delivery Services in Adobe Experience Manager requires a customer-managed Content Delivery Network (BYOCDN) to serve content to visitors in China

Adobe Experience Manager Edge Delivery Services is using two redundant global content delivery networks (CDNs) to deliver experiences across the world. However, certain regions require using a local CDN to serve the content within that region.

To account for this, customers should use customer-managed CDN (BYOCDN) in China to serve visitors from China. CDN operators in China require customers to provide an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license or ICP recordal.

Can content be authored and published from China?

Authoring content from China is possible with limitations and not fully supported by Adobe.

In order to use document-based editing from within China, three things must be accessible to the author:

  1. The document source – note that Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive are not available in China
  2. The API for previewing and publishing content on – this API is typically available from within China, but often has increased latency
  3. The preview URLs on – this host is available most of the time, but disruptions have been observed

How is the developer experience from China?

Edge Delivery Services consume source code from GitHub. Developers collaborating through GitHub from China may experience network latency which is out of Adobe’s control.

Is AEM Hosting in China available?

Edge Delivery Services in Adobe Experience Manager currently is operated outside of China. For customers that require all AEM servers to be hosted in China due to various reasons including, but not limited to, compliance such as Multi-Level Protection Scheme (MLPS), data residency, Baidu SEO, etc. Adobe Managed Services for Adobe Experience Manager are available in China.