Setup push invalidation

Push invalidation automatically purges content on the customer's production CDN (e.g., whenever an author publishes content changes.

Content is purged by url and by cache tag/key.

Push invalidation is enabled by adding specific properties to the project's configuration (an Excel workbook named .helix/config.xlsx in Sharepoint or a Google Sheet named .helix/config in Google Drive).

Configuration properties:

key value comment <Production Host> Host name of production site, e.g. cloudflare e.g. free

values: free, pro, business, enterprise

default: free

only enterprise plan supports purge-by-tag <Cloudflare Zone ID> ID of production zone <Cloudflare API Token>

To create an API Token,

Note that only sites on the enterprise plan will be surgically purged by url and cache key. A Purge All will be performed instead on non-enterprise sites every time an author publishes a content change.

You can validate the credentials with this tool.