We are available on dedicated Slack channels for AEM customers and the Adobe team is available to answer your questions. We create one Slack channel for each customer and invite business users, developers, and authors to the channel to coordinate your launch or migration, answer questions about authoring and development, and help with best practices.

The Adobe team is globally distributed. During US and European business hours you can expect to receive an answer within one hour. Outside those times, responses may take a bit longer.

The AEM Slack Bot (known as @FranklinBot to frequent users) assists the Adobe team in raising issues, getting expert help, and sharing insights, so we install it in every channel that we set up.

Slack Bot Installation

In order to use the AEM Slack bot, it must be configured for your Slack channel and AEM project.

  1. Go to your Slack channel (or request a channel for your project)
  2. Add the preview URL of your site to the topic or description, e.g.
  3. Type @FranklinBot info and confirm to invite the AEM Slack bot to your channel and start the setup process.
  4. Follow the instructions in the created thread to complete the installation.

Slack Bot Capabilities

To explore some of the capabilities of the AEM Slack Bot you can use the help command.

@FranklinBot help