Sidekick Extension (Beta)

The Sidekick Extension is a browser extension allowing multiple project configurations, and remembering when to show or hide the Sidekick.

Install Sidekick Extension in Chrome

To install the Sidekick Extension in Chrome:

  1. Download the .crx package (right-click and save as…)
  2. Select Window > Extensions in the Chrome menu bar to open the Extension Manager.
  3. Browse to your downloads folder and drag the .crx package onto the Extension Manager.
  4. Click the Extensions (puzzle piece) icon next to the address bar to show a list of installed extensions, then click the little pin next to Helix Sidekick to keep the extension’s icon visible.
  5. Close the Extension Manager.

Add project configurations

There are multiple ways to add project configurations to the Sidekick Extension:

Options page

The options page lists all project configurations and allows you to add, edit or delete them.

  1. Click the Helix icon next to your browser’s address bar and select Options from the context menu. (If clicking the icon toggles the Sidekick, use right-click to bring up the context menu.)
  2. Add a project configuration using one of the two following methods:
    1. Add via share URL: the project configuration will be retrieved from the parameters contained in the share URL.
    2. Add manually: enter the GitHub repository URL and other optional parameters for your project.

Share URL or GitHub Repository URL

  1. Navigate to a share URL or a GitHub repository:
    1. Share URLs start with
    2. GitHub repository URLs start with
  2. Click the Helix icon next to your browser’s address bar and select Add Project from the context menu.
  3. A dialog will be shown for confirmation. Click OK to continue.