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Install the Sidekick Extension and add this project

Clicking the button below will open a separate window with instructions on how to install the Sidekick Extension. Once you have it installed, return to this page and add this project via the Add project button. Learn more.

Install Sidekick Extension for Chrome

Install Sidekick Extension for Safari

The Sidekick Bookmarklet has been deprecated. If you experience any trouble installing the Sidekick Extension, please let us know in the AEM Community on Discord or your dedicated Slack channel with Adobe.

Your Sidekick Extension is not configured for this project yet

Add project

Once added, you will be able to use the Sidekick with any web page or source document associated with this project.

Your Sidekick Extension is configured for this project

Click the logo in your toolbar to show or hide it while browsing your project. If you don’t see it, click the puzzle piece to reveal all installed extensions and pin AEM Sidekick to your toolbar.

If you want to remove this project from your Sidekick again, click the button below:

Remove project

You can always add it back by returning to this page.

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