A Text Paragraph (or Copy) is the most common element on websites. AEM understands and translates a number of semantic formatting like bold, italic, underline, strike-through as well as subscript and superscript, which are translated to their respective semantic HTML tags of <strong>, <em>, <u>, <s>, <sup> and <sub>.

CSS styling may take hints from these formatting options and use them to express visually very different styling. Both a paragraph and line-feed are supported.

The first portion of the first text paragraph serves as the default description for the a page if nothing else is specified in metadata.


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Content Structure:

The content structure is based on the simple Normal Text paragraphs in word or google doc.

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As text is Default Content it is styled in project or block CSS code. There is usually no JavaScript code used.
This code is included in boilerplate, there is no need to copy it.