Customers may use their own CDN to deliver AEM content under their own domain (aka BYO Production CDN). While customers are generally free to configure their CDN according to their own needs there are some settings mandated/recommended by Adobe Experience Manager:

Vendor-specific setup instructions

If you already have a CDN, follow the instructions below. If you are not sure which CDN to pick, follow our guide to CDN selection.

Cloudflare Worker Setup

Learn how to configure Cloudflare to deliver content.

Akamai Setup

Discover how to use the Akamai Property Manager to configure a property to deliver content

Fastly Setup

This guide illustrates how to configure Fastly to deliver content.

CloudFront Setup

Set up Amazon Web Services Cloudfront to deliver your AEM site with push invalidation

Bring your own DNS

A custom domain without having to set up a content delivery network.

IMPORTANT: The production CDN setup should be validated and tested in a stage environment prior to going public.